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We're finally within a few days of the first major expansion for FF14. The new teamspeak is setup. Some small website revisions have been done. Will also be looking for a few twitch/youtubers to toggle in and out of our panel.(send me a forum pm if interested) We have two weeks to gear up and prepare for the Alexander raid zone. I'm shocked that about 60% of our original group has come back to play as well. As for anyone who wanted to play skyforge, those guys got impatient and ditched the game. You are all welcome to come play ff14 with us. ^_^ See you guys soon!

FFXIV- Leviathan Server

Kage a posted Feb 23, 15

After waiting for many months this game finally has an acceptable amount of content. WIth the Golden Saucer also coming within the next eighteen hours.(chocobo racing whoo) As such we've re-opened recruitment for this chapter of Final. Raiding, pvp, GS gambling you name it will be doing it ingame. For now if you wish to apply click Here. I look forward to seeing new and old faces.


We will be EAST faction (Haranya)

If anyone has any further questions about game dont hesitate to ask here or in TS. Nahemah, Lyfe (Ign: manufactured), and Rai(myself) can answer most if not all your questions. TS3 info ( )

Thank you for your patience and your interest in ArcheAge and I look forward to playing with everyone again.

See yall there
Kaneki Ken i would like to play skyforge is archeage stable now? ...
Conqueror a Soup melow!
HitZ How do I download the game? This is Melow(Forsaken World) Dafak/MsConfig(S.U.N)