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Skyforge CBT2

Rage/Akinos a posted Mar 19, 15

The second closed beta test for Skyforge will run from 7 AM PDT on March 25th to April 8th.

New content featured will be:

  • Open World Zone – Naori Island

  • Superiority PvP Mode – 8v8

  • 2 New Squad Adventures - Thetin Rift, Cronnel Platforms

  • 5-Man Dungeon – Daren Facility

  • Nedder Test Area

Get ready to grind and PvP guys. We'll be setting up more groups more often, 8v8 teams and 5 man teams for new dungeon.

Also the RU version is going into OBT on the 26th, which means our OBT will be a shortime afterwards hopefully.

viet1337 Yo Rage what are you guys using now days Team Speak? or Ventrillo still message me the info, i have nothing but time now ...
jav can gv me promo code or beta key?
Vitaminmusic Moar stuff to farm

Skyforge Guild

Rage/Akinos a posted Mar 4, 15

The NA/EU Skyforge Closed Beta will be starting on March 11th. If you are interested in playing the game before Open Beta you can either sign up for the beta and hope you get invited or you can buy a founders pack here.

We will be playing on the NA server during closed beta and beyond and will most likely start the guild during the first closed beta.(if the guild system is in place by then). We've already got a pretty good sized roster to start with, plenty of friendly familiar faces,  some enemies turned friends, and some brand new friends too! I've got a strong feeling that we are on the road to becoming a top guild here also, just as we have in past games. If you are new to the site and haven't joined up and are wanting to feel free to submit an application.

Here's some Skyforge gameplay for those wondering what it looks like:

GreyGoo hi all ! im new to guild and looking forward to playing with all of you
fearles001 im all the personnel you need
Lendon Really looking forward to starting with a good bunch of people. See you all in Closed beta!!

FFXIV- Leviathan Server

Kage a posted Feb 23, 15

After waiting for many months this game finally has an acceptable amount of content. WIth the Golden Saucer also coming within the next eighteen hours.(chocobo racing whoo) As such we've re-opened recruitment for this chapter of Final. Raiding, pvp, GS gambling you name it will be doing it ingame. For now if you wish to apply click Here. I look forward to seeing new and old faces.