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Now that we're down to less than 14 days until launch.(if you pre-ordered) We're looking for new recruits for the massive pvp ESO has to offer. It has been along time coming for a game to offer what we've been looking for. I look forward to seeing old and new faces in the coming days. As we prepare for launch. With that being said if you have the stomach and the will  apply today.
SoulKeeper Once I get my new setup here soon ill be joining everyone on some of the games not sure which ones yet tho, how do you l ...
fuzzy i might buy the game we will have to see, i dont have the time that i used to have



Raizoh a posted Jan 24, 14
I am hereby taking on the project of "Final's History Page"  i need ALL leaders of our glorious guild to send me DETAILED information on EVERY  Final guild from EVERY  game we have been in. This will make it far easier for me to make a drafted post on this topic. 

We cannot be proud of something that had no beginning. WE cannot have a future if we don't know where we began...

-Raizoh Commander of Final Guild S.U.N. Division 

ChaosBlizz What is a Final? O_o
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