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Our Fredd has passed on.

Conqueror a posted Sun at 11:46

With much regret, I'd like to inform the past/present members, anyone who is or has been involved, that our dear Fredd has passed on from this world, at 4:32 p.m. Saturday, November 22, 2014.

God speed my friend, we will see you on the other side.

Mean time, we fight. I let her know that Kage, Rai, Rage, Lyfe & everyone else in Final are doing great and send their best wishes and support.

Death has always made Final stronger, and it should be no different in this case. Onwards & upwards, gang!! Final is force. Let us unite around this grievance.

We walk through with you, now, in the valley of death. WE SHALL FEAR NO EVIL!

~Yours truly

Superman x WOW i am so sorry for your loss wow she was the glue to the puzzle so was a great and special person. I loved her point ...


We will be EAST faction (Haranya)

If anyone has any further questions about game dont hesitate to ask here or in TS. Nahemah, Lyfe (Ign: manufactured), and Rai(myself) can answer most if not all your questions. TS3 info ( )

Thank you for your patience and your interest in ArcheAge and I look forward to playing with everyone again.

See yall there
viet1337 Going to join you guys, Sattelite Internet though.
Cooky Cooky you soon in game ^^/
Raizoh a @Rage, Ive been posting this page and news to my Raizoh FB so yeah thats probably why.
Now that we're down to less than 14 days until launch.(if you pre-ordered) We're looking for new recruits for the massive pvp ESO has to offer. It has been along time coming for a game to offer what we've been looking for. I look forward to seeing old and new faces in the coming days. As we prepare for launch. With that being said if you have the stomach and the will  apply today.
SoulKeeper Once I get my new setup here soon ill be joining everyone on some of the games not sure which ones yet tho, how do you l ...
fuzzy i might buy the game we will have to see, i dont have the time that i used to have