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Black Desert Online Goes Live!

Raizoh a posted Wed at 22:10

Black Desert Online, what we have all been waiting for has finally set a release date.

February 28th, 2016 for everyone that bought the $100 pack

March 1st, 2016 for everyone that bought the $50 pack


March 3rd, 2016 for everyone else.

Thank you all for your patience and Information gathering on this. 


Happy Holiday's Final

Raizoh a posted Dec 30, 15

Happy Holiday's and a Happy New Year Final. lets start 2016 off with a bang in BDO. 

Announcement Numero Uno

Raizoh a posted Dec 21, 15

Alright guys its about that time when i give yall a Q & A and a few updates.

1. Ill be making a post regarding any Questions yall have for Final (as a guild) so if you have any ideas for anything regarding the guild, if were doing something right or wrong or ideas on ways to improve it just post on that post. or you can PM me and ill answer it on the post while keeping you anonymous 

2. The BDO section has been blowing up with information about the game and what we know about it so far thanks to Nahemah, DeadlyPath and Ardul. so if you dont feel like searching for ish your self just check the BDO section and im sure youll find what youre looking for.

3. A TS has been provided thanks to Pyroone and Satnrb, I am still looking into getting one souley for the use of Final, itll be no diffrent than the one we had at the launch of AA, guild banner and all that cool stuff. The information for that TS will be posted in a thread in the BDO section, (If you have recently registered on the forum and have yet to be given your tags to allow you to see and post on things in this forum you can comment on this or send me a PM)

Thank You